How to Raise a Geek

Sep 3

My son got to meet both Finn & Jake.  John DiMaggio and Jeremy Shada were as nice and funny in person as you could ever hope.

Great story about the Sunday morning Adventure Time panel …

They asked people to line up for questions, kids first, and James said, “I have one.”  I asked what it was about and he said, “The King Worm.”

Now, I’m old enough to remember Shatner’s famous “Get a Life” speech on SNL and the simple reality that the actors on a show don’t necessarily have all the answers on the show’s mythology.  But I said he could go ask anyway.

I wish I had been recording.

Here’s his question, paraphrased: “In one old episode, it ended with Finn and Jake being hypnotized by King Worm.  Then, in a new episode, a few seasons later, they were in a dream and they fought their way out and killed the King Worm because he was hypnotizing them.  Does this mean all of the episodes before weren’t real?”

There were a few audible “whoas” in the audience and Jeremy and John slowly looked at each other.  John said, “I’m leaving,” stood up and started to walk off stage.  Jeremy said, “Kids ask the best questions.”  The audience applauded.

I’m an idiot for not videoing this.

John said, “Wow,” a few times before saying, “I don’t know.”

Someone in the audience piped up and said, “Pen says no.”  (I have no reason to doubt him, but I didn’t find an official word on the subject.)

After that, John relayed his theory that the whole show is really the imagination of a dying child in a hospital whose only comfort is his dog.  (Yikes.)

Then James was congratulated for stumping the panel and he got more applause.

Thanks to Star Trek and Doctor Who, he’s got a mind for paradoxes, I guess.